Year 9 Information

Year 9 Leader

My name is Kas McGuiness; I teach Modern Foreign Languages as well as being Leader for Year 9.

Year 9 is an important school year during which students choose their GCSE options with some subject areas beginning their GCSE work this year.

These pages will provide information about curricular and extra- curricular opportunities in Year 9 as well as key dates that you will find useful throughout the year.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kas McGuiness
Year 9 Leader

Ms McGuiness, Year 9 Leader
Ms McGuiness, Year 9 Leader

Year 9 Tutors

9YA      Mrs Youngman         s.youngman@stwilfrids.com

9PB     Mr Pitman                 m.pitman@stwilfrids.com

9SC        Mr Steele                   s.steele@stwilfrids.com

9WD     Miss Weynberg        d.weynberg@stwilfrids.com

9RF      Mr Redmayne           j.redmayne@stwilfrids.com






Maths Enrichment Day

Maths Enrichment Day

Year 9 Letters