Year 8 Information

Welcome to Year 8!

My name is Steph Hancock; I teach Geography as well as being Leader for Year 8.

Year 8 is a particularly important transition year for students, given that they are now established members of the school community and students can now focus on making maximum progress prior to choosing their GCSE options in Year 9.

These pages will provide information about curricular and extra- curricular opportunities in Year 8 as well as key dates that you will find useful throughout the year.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Steph Hancock
Year 8 Leader

Miss Hancock, Year 8 Leader
Miss Hancock, Year 8 Leader

Year 8 Tutors

8HA      Mrs Harrison               v.harrison@stwilfrids.com

8JB       Mrs Jones                     k.jones@stwilfrids.com

8WC     Mr Waterman             r.waterman@stwilfrids.com

8PD       Mr Parker-Harding    s.parker-harding@stwilfrids.com

8SF       Mr Sapwell                   m.sapwell@stwilfrids.com


Year 8 Girls at Celebration Breakfast

Year 8 Girls at Celebration Breakfast

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Year 8 Information