Year 7 Information

Welcome to Year 7!

My name is Kathleen Law; I teach Geography as well as being Year 7 leader. Year 7 is an important year as your child makes the transition from primary to secondary school, to make this process a little easier this page will help you find information, dates and links to important documents.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything you find here in more detail.

Kathleen Law
Year 7 Leader

Miss Law, Year 7 Leader
Miss Law, Year 7 Leader

Year 7 Tutors

7GA       Miss Gomez                 l.gomez@stwilfrids.com

7BB       Mrs Burge                   s.burge@stwilfrids.com

7DC       Miss Dineen               s.dineen@stwilfrids.com

7AD       Miss Ashby                 j.ashby@stwilfrids.com

7MF       Mr Middleditch        b.middleditch@stwilfrids.com

Year 7 Girls on Immersion Day

Year 7 Girls on Immersion Day

Year 7 Letters

LEPRA Letter
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Year 7 Information