Year 11 Information

Welcome to Year 11!

My name is Megan Kennedy; I am a PE teacher and Subject Leader for Dance as well as being Leader of Year 11. As we enter into this academic year, it is important to acknowledge the significance of this point in your child’s education. They will be undertaking formal examinations and controlled assessments that will be the culmination of their time at St Wilfrid’s.

These pages will help you and your child with deadlines, dates for  examinations and events, as well as other curricular information. We hope that you will find this resource useful. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything you find here in more detail.

Miss Kennedy
Year 11 Leader

Miss Kennedy, Year 11 Leader
Miss Kennedy, Year 11 Leader

Year 11 Tutors

11WA  Mr White                                         s.white@stwilfrids.com

11WB  Miss Waller/Mrs Harrison         l.waller@stwilfrids.com/r.harrison@stwilfrids.com

11HC  Mr Hadden                                      j.hadden@stwilfrids.com

11BD  Miss Betts                                        d.betts@stwilfrids.com

11MF  Ms McDonald                                s.mcdonald@stwilfrids.com



Year 11 Letter's Home

Y11 Academic Mentoring Letter
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