Year 10 Information

Welcome to Year 10!

My name is Sarah Boreham; I am a Science teacher as well as being Leader of Year 10. Year 10 is an important school year during which students begin their GCSE studies.  From September and throughout the year your child will undertake and begin to prepare for controlled assessments, examinations and coursework which will determine a percentage of their final GCSE grade for different subjects.

On these pages you will find information about the Year 10 curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities available to Year 10 students. I hope you will find this resource useful. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss anything you find here in more detail.


Miss Boreham
Year 10 Leader



Miss Boreham, Year 10 Leader
Miss Boreham, Year 10 Leader

Year 10 Tutors

10AA      Miss Anderson                                       j.anderson@stwilfrids.com

10JB       Miss Jennings                                        h.jennings@stwilfrds.com

10JC      Ms Jeffcoat                                              s.jeffcoat@stwilfrids.com

10LD     Ms Langley                                              n.langley@stwilfrids.com

10DF      Mr Duke                                                  n.duke@stwilfrids.com

Year 10 students Leah and Shriya with Mr Ferry

Year 10 Student on Immersion Day

Year 10 students Leah and Shriya with Mr Ferry

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