St Wilfrid’s students have achieved some excellent results this year with a high number of students making excellent progress. The school remains committed to ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to maximise their progress across a broad and balanced curriculum. As such we work hard to create a curriculum which allows students to access courses that meet their needs and allow them to excel in subjects in which they are passionate about.

Issac, Daniel
Issac, Daniel & Liam

Mr Ferry, Headteacher, comments “I am immensely proud of the achievements of all of our students. They have worked extremely hard, as have the teachers who have supported them. Both students and staff have had to cope with the changes to the Maths and English specifications over the last two years and they have done so with excellent effect, reinforcing the fact that St Wilfrid’s students make excellent progress”.

Megan with Mr Ferry
Megan with Mr Ferry

The highest performing students with regard to the progress they have made are:

  1. Georgia Stevenson
  2. Megan Mackey
  3. Brooklyn Laver
  4. Joseph Exler
  5. Liam Draddy
  6. Fillipe Goncalves Ribeiro
  7. Renata Delgado
  8. Emily Salt
  9. Annie Bell
  10. Klara Scepanovic
Adam, Fillipe, Tapiwa, Jeevan, Marco, Miguel, Younes, Richard
Adam, Fillipe, Tapiwa, Jeevan, Marco, Miguel, Younes, Richard & Ernest

We have also had some stand out performances from students who have achieved 7 or more A*/A grades (or equivalent) including Oliver Colbran, Liam Draddy, Annie Bell, Vienna Cooper, Morgan Hayward, Megan Mackey, Andrea Dean and Zereh Pam.

Irish, Nisha, Jordan-Leigh, Zereh, Andrea
Irish, Nisha, Jordan-Leigh, Zereh, Andrea & Tiyana

This year also sees the introduction of the new numeric system of grading for English and Maths. To gain one Grade 9 is exceptional but to gain 3 is phenomenal, congratulations therefore must go to Oliver Colbran for this amazing feat. Liam Draddy came a close second with two, with many others, including some of those already named, gaining one.

Congratulations to all of our students, we wish them well as they move into the next phase of their education or training.