School Dinner Information

The catering at St Wilfrid’s is provided by leading food service provider Sodexho.

Sodexho has over 55 years experience and focusses on promoting healthier lifestyle choices.  It has been providing all food services at St Wilfrid’s since 2006 with the team headed up by  catering manager, Robert Findlay.

The dining area at St Wilfrid’s is open from 8.00am-2.00pm.  If you have any questions or feedback you can contact the team on 01293 539554.

Our Autumn Daily Menu Week 1 is here.

Our Autumn Daily Menu Week 2 is here.

Our Autumn Daily Menu Week 3 is here.

These menus are subject to change.

The Food

For you…. by Sodexho offers tried and tested reciples enabling Sodexho to provide a wide range of menu choices which suit the needs and tastes of many.  We also understand the different dietary requirements of individuals and Sodexho has a team of dieticians on hand to help the team provide advice and support.  All our menus meet the food based and nutritional standards. These recipes include daily vegetarian options and a wide selection of grab and go items.

Healthy, tasty and seasonal food that provides value for money is central to Sodexho’s for you offering:


Sodexo is committed to the principles of sustainable food procurement. From ensuring food is ethically sourced to educating future generations about the importance of sustainability, Sodexo has a clear sustainability strategy to ensure that it is doing its upmost to protect the welfare of the environment and the local communities where it operates.

Sodexo works closely with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and all Sodexo sites which serve fish are certified by the MSC.  This means that the fish comes from sustainable sources and is fully traceable from boat to plate. Additionally, Sodexo is Red Tractor certified which  ensures the milk and cream and the majority of fresh meat and vegetables are sourced from well managed British farms.

Please click here to see Sodexo environmental accreditations.

I love the canteen food, it is delicious!”
Year 7 Student