Our House System

Our House System is based around five houses that are all linked to Religious Orders which are located in Sussex . The House system is vertical incorporating one form per year for each House.  We believe that charity work is a vital aspect of our House system and each House has a charity attached to it which we aim to raise money in a variety of ways throughout the academic year.  Competitions range from Quizzes, Caption Competitions. Business & Enterprise Quizzes, Subject Competitions, Photography Competitions, Fairtrade Competitions plus more! Each House also offers the opportunity to raise money for their respective House Charity.

Augustine House Champions 2016
Augustine House Champions 2016

House Rewards System

Our House System is used in the school to promote achievement of the students in its widest forms in a totally positive way, from the classroom to the sports field and helping out around the school to drama productions. It is promoted by positive competition and by committed and experienced staff leaders of the five Houses.

All students can collect House Points for achievement in one of the many areas as outlined below. These go direct onto their student record and are not marked as ACE points. If a student finishes in the Top 20 as the highest house point achiever in the school then they could be in line to receive the one Outstanding Contribution to School Life Award.

100 House Points50 House Points25 House Points10 House Points5 House Points
100% Attendance (Full Year)Student of the YearMobile Phone RecyclingTutor Group Student of the WeekPostcard Home
100% Attendance (Full Term)Individual Competition Runner UpSubject Award (Certificate)Congratulatory Letter Home
Celebration Breakfast Invitation100% Attendance (Half Term)Tutor Group AwardPositive Contribution to the House
Individual Competition WinnerStudent of the WeekSubject PrizeMember of Sports Team
Celebratory Letter Home in all SubjectsSchool/Band/Choir/Orchestra (reg attendance)Positive Phone Call Home
End of Term AwardSchool Extra-Curricular Club (reg attendance)
YL Reward TripYL Certificate (End of Term)
Celeberation Breakfast NominationRepresenting the school
Masterpiece of the WeekStudent Leader Certificate
Ace Point StarsCommunity Award
Tutor Group of the FortnightImproved Attendance
Positive Achievement Letters Home

All ACE points from 250 onwards are doubles towards the house system…. this will be doubled by the administration staff! If a student receives a platinum award, their name will go in to a draw run by the Leadership Team to claim a free place to Thorpe Park (even if their house does not win the overall competition). If you are also part of the winning house that is going to Thorpe Park then you will get the reward of  ‘priority passes’ at Thorpe Park.

Our House System