KS4 Options

GCSE Options

The options process aims to provide students with the knowledge and information that will help guide them onto the appropriate courses for GCSE.  Key Stage 4 covers Years 10 and 11 of a student’s school life. Students will be deciding which courses to continue with throughout their GCSE’s. Whilst some courses are compulsory others are optional and thus selecting the subjects to study is known as ‘Options’.

Selecting option subjects can be difficult and stressful for both students and parents as the courses taken can scaffold what students would like to do for later employment as well as further education study.  In this section of the website we have included some useful documents and web links which should help you with your decisions.

It is also important to understand the following:

  • Which subjects are compulsory at Key Stage 4,
  • Which subjects are available as optional courses,
  • What each of the optional courses contains, demands and where it can lead in the future,
  • Options restrictions, recommendations and the E-Bacc (The English Baccalaureate).


Informed Choices
3.4 MiB

GCSE Reforms

The GCSE reforms mean that courses are to be more challenging, with terminal exams and a greater emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar in all subjects.  In September 2016 students will study reformed GCSEs, with attainment reported as a number from 9 (highest) to 1 (lowest), some courses will be reporting using the old grading system.  Please see the options booklet for more detailed information.

 At St Wilfrid’s we feel that whatever the changing political landscape, students should benefit from a range of courses taught to the highest level by outstanding teachers and this will never change. We feel that our range of courses provides students with the broad high quality academic background which is required to be successful in later life.


If you require further advice please contact Miss Sarah Boreham or Mr Rob Marr.

  • A good website to help you think about future careers.
  • Advice on choosing your GCSE’s.