Microsoft 365

What is Microsoft 365?

MS 365 provides access to Microsoft Office products through a web browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.  All students at St Wilfrid’s now have access to this product and all you need is internet access to take advanatage of using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint at home.

Students can also save work on the cloud saving students from needing a memory stick or emailing work to and from home.

What is MS 365?

A background to how MS 365works.

Quick Start

Use the quick start guide on the right to get going.


Microsoft 365

How can students access MS 365?

The easiest way to access MS 365 is through the school website.  Click the Windows button and then students login using their school email address and password.

MS 365 is very intuitive and students will pick this up very quickly.


  • All students have access
  • Help with homework and studies
  • Collaborate and share work. Meaning that students can create projects together and work from home
  • Online storage of work with up to 500gb of space.

You can also download MS Office 2013

Along with Microsoft 365 a huge benefit is that each student has 5 free downloads of Microsoft Office 2013 for a PC, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet.

This offer is available to all current St Wilfrid’s students and instructions in how MS Office 2016 is available from the downloadable guide just above (‘MS 365 Help’).

Important Information

A few things to take note of:

  • An Internet connection is required to access the Office 365 site and services.
  • Office 365 is a service operated and run by Microsoft and not St Wilfrid’s School.
  • St Wilfrid’s only provide the ability for students and staff to log into Office 365 using their St Wilfrid’s School email address and network password, all other parts of Office 365 are operated by Microsoft.
  • Users of the Office365 service and the OneDrive storage must abide by all relevant laws regarding the storage and sharing of illegal content.
  • St Wilfrid’s  can make no guarantees regarding the safety of any documents created on the Office 365 platform, Microsoft do backup documents and there is also a recycle bin in case of accidental deletion of files. Microsoft also guarantee 99.9% uptime.
  • St Wilfrid’s  School recommend students and staff always maintain a backup of their files (wherever they are stored) on a different storage medium, for example to a USB memory stick, an external hard drive or a recordable CD / DVD.
  • St Wilfrid’s  School are unable to guarantee the availability of the Office 365 platform at all times, there may be periods of unavailability due to maintenance or loss of Internet access during any part of the day for example. Students must plan for any eventuality and ensure any homework / coursework is submitted or printed in sufficient advance to any deadlines set.
  • Before leaving St Wilfrid’s School, students and staff must ensure they move any documents they wish to keep from their OneDrive storage to a suitable storage medium as their Office 365 accounts become inactive as soon as they leave. There is a 30 day grace period where documents could still be retained but the IT services department must be contacted and your account reenabled for a short time. After 30 days of leaving St Wilfrid’s School, documents on OneDrive will no longer be accessible and will be deleted by Microsoft.
  • St Wilfrid’s School may decide to not provide all Office 365 services.